Surprise Launch

Spellgarden and Assemble Shadowdrop Sticky Business + DLC on Switch

Directly after today's Nintendo Indie Showcase, Sticky Business by Spellgarden Games and Assemble became available on Switch, plus DLC. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes by Simogo and Annapurna also got a release date.

Pascal Wagner17.04.2024 15:17
Spellgarden Games erreicht Wishlist-Meilenstein für "Sticky Business"
Spellgarden Founder Kathrin Radtke and Assemble dropped Sticky Business on Switch today. Spellgarden Games

Today's Nintendo Indie Direct not only saw the release date announcements of several anticipated indie games, but also a surprise game drop of a prestige indie title from Germany. Assemble Entertainment’s and Spellgarden Games’ Sticky Business is not only available right now for Nintendo Switch after already being released on PC for some time now, the DLC Plan With Me also directly dropped today after the showcase.