Shooter with dinosaurs

Ferocious Makes a Big Impression at Games Germany Showcase

Ferocious made a strong impression at the Games Germany Showcase. The graphically impressive dinosaur game is being developed at Omyog and will be published by tinyBuild.

Marcel Kleffmann21.06.2024 08:19
Ferocious Makes a big Impression at Games Germany Showcase
Ferocious Omyog, tinyBuild

Omyog and tinyBuild used the Games Germany Showcase to unveil a new trailer for Ferocious. After a catastrophic shipwreck, players awaken on a fog-shrouded and mysterious island. Its shores and jungles are teeming with both prehistoric life and a shadowy private army intent on keeping the island's secrets to themselves - inspired by classic pulp adventure stories like King Kong and modern tactical shooters like Crysis. It has been described as an old-school first-person shooter.