Cancellation of 'Project Black' will not affect federal games funding

The cancellation of Fishlabs' so-called "Project Black" will not affect the German government's games funding budget, despite the funding being promised in March. According to reports from Hamburg and Planegg, the money will be repaid or not called up.

Stephan Steininger29.11.2023 12:53
"Project Black"

Exactly 5,527,514 euros in funding from the German government - the game project with the working title "Project Black" by Hamburg-based Plaion subsidiary Fishlabs received the highest amount of games funding to date in March 2023. Since this week, however, it has become clear that "Project Black" will never be completed. The decision to discontinue development has led to the loss of 50 jobs at the studio, which is part of Plaion, an Embracer Group company.