10th anniversary

Summoner's War Generates Almost $650m in Revenue in Europe

To mark the tenth anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena, developer and publisher Com2uS has published a series of data that provides an interesting insight into the international success of the Korean game.

Stephan Steininger24.06.2024 09:48
Summoner's War 10 Jahre Jubiläum Grafik

As usual in the games industry, Com2uS is celebrating the anniversary with the community and numerous in-game events. However, the Korean company has also taken the opportunity to release some data on the game's success. These show that the game is an export hit from South Korea. According to Com2uS, only 9.6 per cent of sales over the past ten years have come from the domestic market. Still, this is no mean feat. With a total revenue of three billion US dollars, the title has generated around 300 million US dollars in the Korean gaming market.