Federal Funding Changes

Bavarian Digital Minister Mehring: "Goal Must be to Restore Competitiveness"

Bavaria's Digital Minister Mehring sees the proposed cancellation of cumulation of state and federal funding as a big step back in the new games plans of the BMWK. He urges the Federal Gouvernment to see the break in competitiveness the current situation brings for the industry.

Pascal Wagner19.04.2024 09:21
Fabian Mehring Werk1 Games/Bavaria
Fabian Mehring sees the striking of cumulation as a step backwards. Games/Bavaria

Bavaria’s Digital Minister Fabian Mehring had already used the award warm-up evening of the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern to provide his opinion towards the planned changes in Federal games funding in person. There, he spoke to the industry present directly, ensuring he would take up the fight for changes that would benefit smaller studios as well, not just bigger ones.