More Money Still Available

UK Games Fund has Put £3m Into Emerging Studios

Within the initiative to further fund the creative industries until 2030, the UK Department of Culture under MP Lucy Frazer has funded 22 games start-ups with 3 million Pounds overall. A further two million Pounds are still available for emerging devs in the structure of the UK Games Fund.

Pascal Wagner18.04.2024 08:31
Lucy Frazer, UK MP Department of Culture
UK Minister of Culture Lucy Frazer currently heads the UK Games Fund. Lucy Frazer

With the discussion about new regulations for the funding of games in Germany coming up, it pays to have a look at the funding situation in other countries. Fittingly, the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport has presented the preliminary results of a new sub-fund inside the UK Games Fund. From a pot of five million Pounds in the funding programme for emerging video game developers and start-up studios, three million Pounds have already gone to 22 different studios. Applications for the other two million Pounds are still open, the Department says. Studios can be funded with values between 50,000 and 150,000 pounds.