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Distant Meadows Shows Exclusive First Impressions of Waters of Sal Naména

With an exclusive reveal on GamesMarkt, Nuremberg studio Distant Meadows is sharing the first screenshots of in-development game Waters of Sal Naména. The game in the wake of Outer Wilds and The Witness wants to bring the genre of 'Metroidbrainias' further along.

Pascal Wagner23.05.2024 08:00
Waters of Sal Naména
Waters of Sal Naména is a new Metroidbrainia by Distant Meadows from Nuremberg. Distant Meadows

Waters of Sal Naména is an explorative open-world puzzle game in the guise of traditional Game Boy productions that combines the cognition-driven game structure and survival gameplay of games like Outer Wilds with the rule-setting and puzzle affinity of The Witness to create its own interpretation of the still young ‘Metroidbrainia’ genre, Distant Meadows says.