The Darkes Files Kickstarter Breaches Fivefold Asking Price

Berlin studio Paintbucket Games reached 50,001 euros in Kickstarter money for "The Darkest Files", making it a quintuple success. The additional money will go to handheld ports and new side missions.

Pascal Wagner19.04.2024 12:17
"The Darkest Files" breaks Kickstarter goal in 12 hours

After 30 days of crowdfunding, the Kickstarter campaign for historical Noir thriller The Darkest Files has reached a whopping 50,001 euros on closing yesterday evening. Paintbucket Games, the Berlin studio packing several German Computer Game Awards and German Developer Awards, had asked for 10,000 euros initially. With the large sum, not only will the game be ported to Nintendo Switch and optimised for Steam Deck, the team also plans to add several new side missions into the game, concentrated on the family of protagonist Esther Katz and the office relationships with her colleagues.